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A Hands-On Cooking Experience

South San Francisco

  • Knife Skills Experience: Always Hands-On

    Friday, April 25 at 7PM | South San Francisco, California | 1-855-GRMTLSN

    Knife Skills

  • You may bring your 8" chef's knife or use one of ours. Included:

    • What knives you need in your kitchen; why all knives are not created equal. 

    • How to care for your knife including sharpening and honing. 

    • Hands-on learning includes slice, dice, chiffonade, brunoise, chiffonade, paysanne, batonnets and more. 

    • We will work with a variety of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions, winter squash, herbs, garlic and more! 

    • Mirepoix, sofrito and Asian trinities - aromatic vegetables used in many recipes. 

    • Basic recipes using our prepped items.


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